Privacy Policy

Version Number:        2.0

Publication Date:        January 1st 2019

Effective Date:         January 1st 2019

NOTE: This document replaces version 1.0 of the Privacy Statement.

NetCom agrees to protect and ensure the accuracy and privacy of your personal information. Pursuant to its commitment, NetCom adheres to the ten principles of the Model Code for the Protection of Personal Information established by the Canadian Standards Association ( This standard defines how organizations may collect, use and disclose personal information and is incorporated within Canada’s Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act.

  1. Responsibility: All NetCom management and staff are responsible for the personal information that NetCom administers. NetCom has named an employee within its organization who ensures compliance with the principles listed hereunder.
  2. Purposes of collecting information: We collect personal information for the following purposes:

– Authentication: To facilitate your use of the site, and enable you to only enter certain information one time;

– Membership: To allow you to subscribe to and access online services restricted to members only, and monitor your account;

– Market Introduction: To make it possible for us to launch products and services adapted to your needs;

– Communications: To provide you with additional information on NetCom, and its products and services, on an occasional basis or as needed;

– Statistics: To allow us to measure traffic on the NetCom site on the basis of various parameters.

  1. Consent: NetCom will not collect, use or disclose any personal information unless it has received your express consent.
  2. Limits in collecting information: NetCom will only collect the personal information required for specific purposes, and this in an honest and lawful manner.
  3. Limits in using information: NetCom will only use or disclose your personal information for the express purposes for which it has been collected, unless you have consented otherwise, or if required by law. NetCom will only keep personal information for the period of time necessary to its specific purposes.
  4. Accuracy: NetCom ensures that the personal information it collects is accurate, complete and as up-to-date as required for the specific purposes for which it has been collected.
  5. Protection: NetCom protects the personal information it collects through security measures suited to the information’s degree of sensitivity.
  6. Transparency: Specific information on NetCom’s policy and practices for management of personal information are easily accessible.
  7. Access: NetCom will inform any person so requesting it of the existence of all personal information in their regard, of the use made of this information, and whether or not it was disclosed to third parties. It is also possible to consult this personal information, and contest the accuracy of any and all information and request that the necessary modifications be made.
  8. Complaints: We invite you to contact NetCom in the event that you have any questions, comments or complaints regarding NetCom’s applications of the principles outlined herewith.